Orchard Toys - Bus Stop
Orchard Toys - Bus Stop

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Orchard Toys Orchard Toys - Bus Stop



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This best-selling and award-winning game can help children with basic maths skills. Throw the two dice to move your bus counter around the board, counting passengers on and off your big bright bus board as you go. One die tells you how many spaces to move, and the other tells you how many passengers must get on or off your bus (depending on whether you land on a space showing a plus or minus sign). Children learn simple addition and subtraction skills while having fun, and there's plenty to talk about with so many passengers - where are they going? How many are wearing hats? Can you find a passenger with a moustache? Can you spot the helter skelter on the board? What animals can be seen on the board? The winner is the player with the most passengers when the bus reaches the bus station. Suitable for children aged 4 to 8, and for 2 to 4 players. Made from thick, durable recycled board, this brightly-coloured, sturdy game should give years of enjoyment. All Orchard Toys games are developed and designed by our in-house team and rigorously tested in local schools and playgroups to ensure that children are learning while having fun. An educational guide is printed on the box to show how the game can contribute to your child's education.

Orchard Toys products are made in Britain from durable recycled board and have a wipe-clean finish so they offer years of enjoyment and great value for money.

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Brand Orchard Toys
Age Group 5 to 7 Years
Shipping Location
Country Nigeria

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