Wonder Core Abs Exerciser
Wonder Core Abs Exerciser

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Wonder Core Abs Exerciser

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Offering a revolutionary way to work your lower abs, upper abs, and obliques, the Wonder Core will give you the body you've always wanted. The Wonder Core looks somewhat like a new age chair, but with massage rollers across the head and back rather than a traditional backrest. The similarities end there, however, as the Wonder Core is designed to pivot with your body as you move forward and backward in a crunching motion, or twist and turn with your body as you maneuver the padded swivel seat.


Get into your best shape ever
Goes beyond 180° to target your entire core
Dual resistance design
Variable adjustable resistance
Twist seat for dynamic workout
Suitable for all Ages and fitness levels


With the Wonder Core, a mere five minutes per day of traditional crunches, reverse crunches, and oblique exercises can turn your abs from flab to fab. The Wonder Core offers three resistance levels, giving you the perfect amount of pushback for a mild or serious challenge. And thanks to the built-in cushion supports and massage rollers, you won't experience neck and back pain during the workout.



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