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Are Wedge Shoes Better Than Heels?

Being a woman can be very challenging. Women have more feelings, go through pregnancy, and also think of how they look every time. Most women sacrifice their comfort just to look good. The question now is why do women love to wear heels?  Well, Heels add height to women and therefore can make a woman look sexier and feel more confident. This is the risk some women are getting into for the sake of fashion. Gladly, today we now have women’s wedges to take over high heels. Merging solid soles and style resulted in wedge heels and the joy of being elevated and confident in height, but super gentle on the feet. Wedges are sandals or boots boasting a sole in the form of a wedge with a single piece of material that works both as the sole and heel. Wedges are great substitutes to stilettos heels and serve a better purpose in terms of style and comfort.

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Whatever you think can match your outfit you will find the right wedge heels for it on Konga. Wedges can be found in different forms like boots, platform boots, heels and low-heels. A great footwear option, wedges represent class, vintage and fashionable styles. If you are searching for a pair of fashion forward wedges at an affordable price from the comfort of your home, then Konga is the best choice. Konga offers you a wide range of wedges from the famous brands such as Bella, Bamboo, Diviana, and so on, style ranges from Qupid, Open Toe, Pump, Platform & more. The textures range from leather, suede and patent leather. There is no limit to the number of wedges you can buy online, you can choose to pay on delivery, credit your wallet or use your card. Buy your favorite wedges online and make a statement with your style.