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A teleprompter displays the prompts for a person filming or telecasting a visual report with an electronic device such as a video camera. Teleprompters are used instead of cue cards to electronically display the text of a script or speech. The teleprompter screen, in front of the camera lens of a professional video camera, allows the presenter, a reporter or speechmaker, to keep “eye contact” with the viewing audience with an open and comfortable presence. The words on the teleprompter screen are reflected to the presenter on a beam splitter, a clear glass.

The use of a teleprompter allows a presenter to appear at ease and engaged with the audience. They appear more professional and knowledgeable about their subject, not having to fumble with or refer to a paper copy. Cue cards are still in limited use, but they are placed off center from the lens making the presenter to look away from the lens, making them look distracted.

The first teleprompter was used created by Jess Oppenheimer, producer and head writer of “I Love Lucy” in 1953. The teleprompter was used to allow Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz to keep in character while presenting commercials on-camera. Several variations and improvements have been made to Oppenheimer’s original design including autoscript prompters which scroll at a comfortable pace based on a review of the speaker’s normal speech pattern.

One of the best teleprompters available is the TELMAX GS-15 Teleprompter. The quality of this teleprompter is outstanding due to its features.

Readable up to 18 feet away
Fits all tripods and camera bodies
15 inch LCD monitor
Weighs only 14 pounds
14” x 14” 70/30 beamsplitter glass
Vinyl hood with wire stiffener
ZaPrompt Pro Software
Lightweight and portable
Easy setup and breakdown

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Country Nigeria

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