Super Scanner Handheld Security Metal Detector
Super Scanner Handheld Security Metal Detector

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Super Scanner Handheld Security Metal Detector

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Hand held Metal Detector  1.Security check  2.Simple&convenient operate  3.Auto detect&lights alarm  4.Adjustable sensitivity High sensitivity Super Scanner Hand Held Metal Detector For Army MD3003B1     Hand held metal detectors, walk through metal detector, super scaner , security checking products , portable metal detector   Features High sensitivity. Detects a pin within 30mm—60mm. Conveniently and simply to operate. Easily to adjust. When battery voltage drop from 9V to 7V, the detecting distance remain unchanged. Energy smart: it can work 40 hours continuously. Except the light alarm, the audible alarm and the vibratory alarm can be chosen. When the battery nearly dies, the audible alarm or vibratory alarm should be a warning. Turn on (off) the detector, it will give you an audible alarm or a vibratory alarm. There are also two sensitivities, high and low, to select. Rechargeable:charge it about 4-6 hours after the battery die Self-checking: it self-checks when it starts Using ABS, durable Application: Security check: Avoid carrying contraband, such as knives, guns, etc. Factory: Avoid valuables losing Education: Avoid cheating, prevent from carrying cheating tools, such as phones, electronic dictionary, etc, when examine.   Ultimate Sensitivity: 1. 38 pistol: 20cm 2. Little knife: 15cm 3. Blade: 10cm 4. Coin: 8CM   Parameter: Power supply: 9V double alkaline batteries Alarm model: Audio (vibratory) and light alarm Specification:410mm*86mm*46mm

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