Printable Mini CD BK | 23mins, 215mb | 50pcs
Printable Mini CD BK | 23mins, 215mb | 50pcs

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Printable Mini CD BK | 23mins, 215mb | 50pcs

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215mb, 32x silver pkg: 50pcs pvc shrink wrap measmt: 42.0x32.0x15.0cm qty: 50pcs/pk. Description : Write once format Mini CD-R Capacity : CD-R 215MB ( 80mm ) round shape , single-sided. Duation: CD-R 23mins; Speed: up to 8-32x Characteristics:- Ideal for storing music , game data etc. Shirt-pocket size - Relatively portable sized storage media- Low recording error rate. Long-term data archiving. Life can be 100 years with proper care. Can be read more than 1,000,000times. Full compatibility with most of the DVD writers and players

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