Front Brake Pad - 101820758
Front Brake Pad - 101820758

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Pagid Front Brake Pad - 101820758

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Pagid Front Brake Pad - 101820758

Brake pads (T1581) form a vital part of the disc brake system. The friction material is applied onto the brake disc surface by the caliper pistons to generate the friction to stop the wheels turning. Brake pads are governed by legislation known commonly as REGULATION 90. They should be replaced when worn excessively or when replacing the brake discs. Must be replaced in axle sets. Check for any other components to replace such as wear sensor leads or pad fitting pins. COMPATIBILITY: Toyota Rav-4(2.0) 2006-2010 / (2.2) 2006-2010.

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Brand Pagid
Product Type Brake Pad
Shipping Location
Country Nigeria

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