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Women’s Necklaces

Women's necklaces decorate the neck and completes every fashion ensemble. Even in the stone-age, women's necklaces served as a popular piece of jewellery and as a status symbol. Today there are countless women's necklaces available in many different styles and designs. Classically feminine chains with interchangeable pendants, or brightly colored stones; these creations flatter every woman's appearance. Do you need something to step up your outfit? Look no further than Konga’s statement necklaces, chains and dainty pendants which are all designed to be worn time and time again.  Necklaces and pendants are always a great addition to any woman's wardrobe. From a dainty gold chain to a bold neck beads, necklaces and pendants add that finishing touch. Not sure where to start? You can't go wrong with a studded necklace either silver or gold - it goes with everything! Whether you're looking for a little extra bling for your favorite outfit or need to find a beautiful gift for someone very dear to you, you'll find plenty of necklace, beads and pendant styles right here at Konga.

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Necklaces are eye-catching choices for a woman’s dressing that instantly transform an ordinary day into a glamorous one with many of appreciation. By adding a necklace to your outfit, you can quickly upgrade your look to "remarkable". Necklaces are extremely versatile as well, whether you want to make a playful fashion statement with our unusual selection of silver and gold necklace or go all-out to that traditional wedding ceremony with an elegant beads, we have great selection of necklaces just waiting to adorn your neckline at best prices in Nigeria. From a casual brunch with friends to a formal evening event, necklaces for women bring the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. Give as a sentimental gift or find the necklace that speaks to your style.