MX006 DIY 3D Acrylic Wall Clock
MX006 DIY 3D Acrylic Wall Clock

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MX006 DIY 3D Acrylic Wall Clock

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Modern Reusable 3d wall clock made from shiny black acrylic material. Suitable on glossy wall, texcoat, emulsion, wood, glass, plastic, tiles e.t.c for home and office decoration.

This clock will add personality, definition and a vibrant classical spirit to your wall in whatever room you choose to use it.

This is a high quality clock. You only need to hang the main unit of the clock with the included small nail, all the other parts come with stickers to stick them on the wall. You can easily stick the pieces on your wall in a couple of minutes.

The box contains all the parts separately, you just stick on the wall one by one with double-sided tape(also included in the box).

We have included instruction and picture in the box. This clock is very lovely.

This is the thick 3mm version and not the 1mm version that breaks easily.

This modern and unique 3D clock is perfect for gift, home or office use.

Material: Acrylic
Acrylic has modern aesthetic glass look with excellent light reflection. It is a very decorative clock.

Battery: AA batteries (Not included)

This clock is worth every kobo.

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Model MX006
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Country Nigeria

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