Monopod Selfie Stick
Monopod Selfie Stick

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Monopod Selfie Stick

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Monopod Selfie Stick and Time for Mobile Phones+Bluetooth conectivity

Selfies are the in-thing now, however getting the perfect angle can be most challenging, but not anymore with this monopod.This monopod allows you to take beautiful selfies either alone or with all your friends and family without the need of any of them being left out of the picture. Just get into the perfect position you want, smile and press . The shutter is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. For other phones, all you need do is set the timer and take the picture. You can also use this monopod to take pictures in parties, at events or record videos without anyone's head or headgear obstructing your recording. You can even use it to take pictures at angles you can't see directly. 

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