Instant Breast Lifts - Bare Breast Lift - 5 Pairs
Instant Breast Lifts - Bare Breast Lift - 5 Pairs

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Instant Breast Lifts - Bare Breast Lift - 5 Pairs

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Bare lifts are the completely strapless solution to lifting your breasts while ensuring a naturally perky look in virtually any outfit. 

With bare lifts, you can lift each breast and realign your nipple to a higher position, even if you are larger than A-D Cup. 
Bare lifts will reduce pulling and slipping of the straps when worn with a bra and are also a simple solution to the inches back bulge. 
They can even be worn for up to 24 hours. Bare lifts are the perfect solution for 24-hour breast support that is virtually invisible. 
Simply place, peel and gently lift to get the shape, support and confidence that every woman desires.

10 Bare Lifts in each box. 
Very comfortable and easy to use, these breast adhesives can be used with or without a bra.
Original Product with no side effects whatsoever.


Bare Lifts | Instant Breast Lift | 5 Pairs
Invisible Tape
Easy to use
Comfortable & secure
Skin friendly
Latex free
Great for strapless, backless fashion & bathing suits.
Fits A, B, C, & D cup



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