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Infrared Massager

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Dolphin Infrared Massager



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An infrared vibration massage hammer is a professional massage hammer suitable both for abdominal massage, massage during colon therapy, and all other forms of massage. It comes with three heads. There is a skin brush head which works really well for cellulite treatments; an acupressure head for working pressure points and a magnetic head which is fantastic for muscle relaxing and reducing the feeling of bloating. The infrared light feature adds to the overall effect of the massager.

The Dolphin is a sturdy massager, suitable for colon-hydrotherapy, physio-therapy and self-massage combining the heat generated by the infra-red and the benefit of the built in magnetic function.

It is suitable for self-massage and the different heads can be used to achieve different goals. The magnetic head works by streamlining muscle fibres and is good for breaking deep adhesions and scarring in the intestines. The acupressure head will get rid of muscles knots in the calves and shoulders, and the brush head not only helps get rid of the appearance of cellulite but also helps exfoliate the skin.

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